How to choose a family lawyer

To begin with, apparently, it is necessary to determine the concept of family law, and what help you may need. It is worth starting from the very definition of a family. It is with legal marriage that a person begins his official family life.
Marriage is a union of a man and a woman registered in the appropriate body. Without official confirmation of the family in the union, disputes rarely arise which are resolved by official means.
However, this is possible if the subject matter concerns property issues. It is in this or other similar cases that the help of a family lawyer may be necessary. But often we know about such specialists only from foreign movies or newspaper pages.
At the same time, the opinion is such that only wealthy citizens can afford to have such an assistant. Not at all. Over time, family lawyers are increasingly infused into our daily routine and are no longer a kind of curiosity of the foreign world.
Why may need a family lawyer?
After all, most of the time we ask for legal or attorney assistance as a last resort, but, as mentioned above, most problems can be avoided with the timely consultation of a specialist.
A family lawyer can even help with completely domestic matters, like a flooded apartment of neighbors, an accident or a meeting on housing and communal services. He can make a purchase or sale of real estate on your behalf.
For such services, a lawyer will need a power of attorney from you, allowing you to resolve certain issues specified in this very agreement. Including such a document will indicate family members who can turn to a family lawyer for help: whether you are alone or with your spouse or spouse with children – whatever you like.
And, of course, issues of a directly family nature – the division of property or the recognition of paternity. Wherein, you can contact him at any time of the day. Although sometimes stereotypes or human restraint interfere with such business relationships.
Absolutely in vain, because the specialization of the family lawyer is such that he must clean the dirtiest linen.
The family lawyer also decides on the establishment of facts of kinship, dependency of a citizen, birth registration, adoption, marriage, divorce, death, recognition of paternity, death at a certain time and under certain circumstances in case of failure of the civil registration authorities states in the registration of death and other.
How to choose a family lawyer
If you are looking for yourself and paid attention to the ads on the post – pass by. A good specialist will undoubtedly advertise himself, but not in such ways. He can give an advertisement – an ad in specialized sources, on the Internet, after all, a good lawyer should have his own website. Otherwise, the person is unlikely to have sufficient experience and the necessary qualifications.
Having found a similar source in social networks, you should make sure that there is enough information on the site testifying to the continuous and successful activity of this family lawyer. This, for example, page content, examples of cases and, in the end, feedback from visitors.
With regard to reviews, they should be given special attention. After all, this is the main true source. And it is better if you find such people, in reality, talk to them and verify the qualifications of a lawyer. The network is also full of reviews, but there is no guarantee that these are not fake users.
But even if the specialist seems to be found, do not rush to relax. Previously it is necessary to get acquainted with his documents – diplomas, copies of completed cases, and even previously addressed. A family lawyer can give you a couple of contacts to confirm your qualifications. And you should already meet with these people and make sure of their reality.
Pay attention to the number of cases that a lawyer may give you – the more of them and the more successful, the better. The same is true on the Internet – reviews should be fresh, otherwise, this is evidence that the site is not popular and does not work in practice.
And, in the end, a lawyer is unlikely to be able to immediately tell you the price of your own services (if this is not a long-term contract in which all positions, including costs, are stated). He will be able to calculate the cost of his efforts only at the end of the case, therefore, those experts who start the conversation by discussing the price are also unlikely to boast of their “goodness” in reality. A good lawyer can solve disputes about the place of residence of the child in case of separation of the parents.
On the exercise of parental rights by parents living separately from the child.
On the elimination of obstacles to communication with the child of his close relatives.
On the return to the parents of a child not held on the basis of law or a court decision.

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